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Best designer crossbody bags for moms

5 Best Designer Crossbody Bags for Moms in 2021

Being a mommy ain’t anything less than a full-time job. I’d rather say it’s much more difficult from a full-time job with no weekends or vacations. In this journey, she needs to be prepared for every situation, and her bag is one of the most important pieces of equipment in this journey. The relation between bags and moms is quite more profound than we see. From the feeding bottle to diapers, a mom has to take hundreds of things to think of to prepare herself before stepping outside with her child. 

One small moment of ignorance can lead to a disaster for her and her babies. Our today’s discussion focuses on several options for the best designer crossbody bags for moms & help them ease a bit.

What features to look for when buying crossbody bags for moms?

To ensure a stylish, comfy bag that functions well, we need a bag to meet some specific criteria, and these are,

  • Bags for moms can’t be too delicate and fancy; it has to be ‌sturdy and can withstand every mom’s frequent rough usage.
  • The bag needs to have its usability & functionality.
  • Since a mom’s bag is used for carrying heavy stuff most of the time, the material with which the bag is made has to be of high quality, and the construction has to be healthy and comfortable at the same time
  • Just because it’s a bag for moms, it doesn’t mean it has to be dull and ugly. The bag should also look sophisticated and compatible with recent fashion so that the mom can confidently carry that outside.

The above criteria are some above features of the best crossbody bags for moms & now that you know them well, let us introduce you to some of the bags you might consider worth investing in.

1.Gucci Marmont Camera Bag


Best Designer Crossbody Bags for Moms

The GG Marmont chain shoulder bag is one of the must needs for every mom out there. It’s a soft structure, lightweight bag that ensures comfort along with a sophisticated look. This bag is very cleverly designed, keeping both style and comfort in mind. The quilted pattern on the bag adds elegance to your outfit & its chain straps with leather shoulder detail ensures comfort at all time.

Another good thing about this bag is that you don’t need to baby this bag along with your child as it’s made with scratch-resistant leather that can withstand all the rough usage that every mom has to go through daily. Its sufficiently spacious interior also allows moms to carry all their essentials for their child without the fear of losing its shape and quality. All these features make this the absolute best bag to invest in.

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2. Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories


Next, we have a multi-pochette petite-looking bag from Louis Vuitton. It comes with three lovely pouches along with a strap. This bag also has a monogram-coated canvas and gold color hardware which gives the Louis Vuitton its iconic stylish & chic look. Although being a tiny bag, this has got enough nooks and crannies so that moms can carry their essentials. There are a small microfiber pouch and coin pouch that moms can use to keep their wipes, keys, and headphones. This Louis Vuitton also comes with a removable, adjustable strap & a ‌ removable chain with a leather part on top-making it a bag that’s comfortable to use & easy to carry.

The bag functions very well, even with the pouches being separated. It is such a versatile bag that even new mom, Gigi Hadith was seen carrying this bag. So, get yourself one of these to feel like the diva that you are.

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3. Burberry Albion TB Leather Crossbody Bag



Burberry has always been known for its simple style & elegant designs & with this bag, there’s no exception as well. This bag is one of the classic design bags of Burberry with pebbled calf leather and leather lining. This Burberry Albion comes with 

  • A snap-button flap closure
  •  An interior snap-button pocket
  • An exterior slip pocket
  • 6 interior card slots
  • An adjustable strap

You can wear this bag as a crossbody or a chic shoulder bag just by adjusting the strap. Because of all the pockets and the six card slots that are already present in the bag, you won’t need to carry any extra pouches or cardholders in your bag, making it very easy to manage for busy moms. The polish gold-tone snap button flap closure gives it a chic, sophisticated look and makes it much easier to use. Not just only moms, even celebrities like Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid are also fans of Burberry’s simple yet elegant bags.

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4. Chanel 19

Best Designer Crossbody Bags for Moms

Soft, supple, and semi-structured, this Chanel piece is the go-to crossbody bag for all celebrity and celeb moms, especially for casual outings. This bag comes in 5 different sizes making it easy to choose for everyone. Although the bags might look compact from the outside, it has plenty of space inside which even includes a back pocket.

Since the skin of the bag is quite firm, scratches are not an issue with these bags & make this piece from Chanel more convenient for the moms to use. With the gold/ruthenium hardware on its quilted-looking skin along with the chunky chain strap, this bag looks stunning with every look whether it’s day, evening, or night. Bethenny Frankel, Hilary Duff, and many other celebrity moms are also fans of this supple style of Chanel bags & often seen carrying these when going out with their babies. Since the colors are being updated every once in a while, these comfy fashion bags are never out of trend. 

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5.YSL Toy LouLou


This crossbody bag from YSL is one of the most versatile and favorite bags for women. Its chic compact look with an excellent capacity easily wins the heart of every woman, especially moms. The strap it comes with is fully removable, so one can wear it both as a crossbody bag or as a clutch. From casual meetings to fun night outs, you can carry this bag without any problems.

With the price of just over $1000, LouLou provides you with a luxurious feel with its puffy quilted finish, chevron-like pattern‌ , and shiny, soft leather. All these features make LouLoua a fabulous choice for a first-time user of designer handbag and busy moms around the world. 

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Conclusion: Best Designer Crossbody Bags for Moms

Being a mom is not an easy job. It requires the blood, sweat & tears of many years to raise a kid. But to make this journey a little bit easier, you should also think about your happiness and try to squeeze in some moments of pleasure by being a little extra and go all-in on our recommended designer bags once in a while. 

If you don’t own a designer momma bag yet, then what are you waiting for. Go to our “best designer bags for moms” list right now & get yourself one of these, to experience the magnificence of motherhood like a queen. Because you certainly deserve it.

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