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Best Concealed Carry Crossbody Purse

8 Best Concealed Carry Crossbody Purse (Review + Buying Guide)

If you are being suggested to purchase the best concealed carry crossbody purse for keeping your weapons and sensitive stuff, then it’s absolutely right.

Confidential documents, expensive objects should stay very close and attached to your body so that nobody can snatch or harm so easily. Also, when you are carrying a gun and mags for your safety or other purposes, it should be kept in such a way that lets you bring out the gun and shoot within a few seconds.

All those facts are possible with the best concealed carry purse are available right now. Thus, our whole discussion will lead to good concealed crossbody bags for those who are trying to get such bags for a while.

Features to consider for the Best Concealed Carry Crossbody Purse:

Well, the vital thing to be mentioned that not all purses or crossbody bags are meant to use for concealing important stuff like guns, papers, etc. While carrying firearms, users need to consider some points and thus the concealed bags are prepared for.

Let’s have a good point! Why do we even use guns? Obviously for self-defense or crucial situations. But if it takes time to dig the gun out, the situation can be different. Here is the answer to having concealed carry crossbody purse. Let’s see its features to consider before buying one.

Zipper placement:

Zipper placement is one of the most required features to consider in concealed carry purse brands because it depends upon the ability to deploy and utilize the firearms more quickly and more efficiently. Any user doesn’t want his gun to be located at the deep inside of the backpack from where it takes an infinity time to take off.

All of the products, we are showing here are well-designed with that users can access the firearm through a single exterior zipper. That’s highly comfy to use.

Concealed Compartment Size

While selecting a crossbody purse for the gun, a buyer needs to know what type of gun he or she is using, and how will be its usage. Some of the listed purses have the ability of carrying almost any-size handgun, sometimes an AR-15 pistol too. Also, in the market, buyers will find some purses large enough for sub-compact pistols. So, it only depends on you what’s your type.

Top 10 Best Concealed Carry Crossbody Purse


1. The SAK Silver-lake Crossbody Purse

The SAK Silver-lake Crossbody Purse

While looking for a cross body concealed carry bag under $100, then this one can be a good choice for users.

This adorable high quality Silverlake crossbody purse is one of the newest in the line. The best part of this crossbody purse comes with the stunning magnetic flap closure that we fancy the most in this purse.

The adjustable crossbody strap ensures comfortable carrying because of its padded lather layer. After using it for a while, our experts have declared this crossbody concealed carry purse, one of the finest.

The comfy crossbody purse has 2 interior slips, 1 interior zip, and 2 exteriors, allow the users to organize important stuff and the firearm will be absolutely free to access quickly.

One important point, our experts think, this concealed crossbody can be not so roomy or small for some users. Apart from it, the purse carries the manufacturer’s guarantee.

  • The weight of this concealed crossbody purse is only 1 lb 5 oz, offering a lightweight journey.
  • The flat bottom structure supports an upright structure, making it no hassle at all.
  • The exterior both front and back zip compartment ensures the highest security.
  • This crossbody purse may seem too small to some users.


2. Concealed Carry Purse – Hailey Crossbody by Lady Conceal

Let’s come to the points. What this concealed purse has, it pretty amazing. Our experts have suggested this overall value pack with a perfectly hidden look as a crossbody concealed one.

This purse is finely made with soft and high-quality faux leather that provides the users 100% of comfort. If anyone is on any hidden mission, especially for ladies, then this can bring a huge advantage.

The interior and zipper placement of this purse is super cool. With 2 open slip pockets, it gives the highest quickness to access the firearms. Also, these slip pockets have a zipper closure with a leather key and magnetic lock system.

With the finest material and double stitching, the straps have higher durability. More often the adjustability provides carrying comfort. If going to a party, this purse can be easily converted to a side purse, though this is not secure enough.

  • Decorative laser cuts of this conceal purse to give it a fancy look.
  • The available 2 front pockets can secure necessary personal documents with no mess around.
  • The manufacturer provides a 90-days replacement and repair guarantee.
  • The inside compartment isn’t roomy enough to carry multiple big pieces of stuff.

3. Bulldog Cases Concealed Carry Purse with Holster Cross Body Style- Camel Suede

This unisex purse can be desirable to anyone because of its nice look. Not only this, the facilities of this crossbody purse are amazing.

One of the required features that everybody wants in a concealed crossbody purse, is an ambidextrous zipper closed pistol pocket. This will help anyone in a tough situation to unzip it with any side.

The inner compartment is divided into 2 separate pockets and each has multiple small compartments for an easy storage facility but users can’t carry much in it. The one universal color fits anyone in this world, and the best part of it is matching a unique holster that keeps the firearm uptight and correct in position.

The top portion of this bag comes with magnetic closure that eases the access of this crossbody purse. Fully adjustable straps and rigid design confirms the carrying comfort and longevity.

  • The classy looking crossbody purse is perfect to go anywhere quick
  • Its zippered pistol or firearm pocket is ambidextrous.
  • It comes with a holster that almost fits on every carrying gun.
  • The crossbody purse for a gun is pretty heavy without even equipment.

4. Browning Women’s Alexandria purse gun

If anyone needs to often go on missions or looking for a concealed purse roomy enough, though this is not a crossbody purse, it’s more like a tote bag, then okay! We are showing this product.

The bag has finely created lockable zippered slip pockets that secure the firearm along with all the valuables. The slip pockets are on both sides and each has 2 zipper closures. The main part of this bag is its hidden key ring. This is kind of rare not knowing there is a key hanger over there but none knows but the user.

The strap length of this bag is 23″ and adjustable. So, you can easily convert it from a tote bag to a crossbody purse. But this can be too small for some users. But overall, there is no doubt this is one of the best guns carry purses.

The built-in PU leather material gives it a smooth feel and the actual color.

Users can have the choice between colors and style with all feature benefits.

The adjustable holster fits perfectly to secure the firearms the most.

  • The built-in PU leather material gives it a smooth feel and the actual color.
  • Users can have the choice between colors and style with all feature benefits.
  • The adjustable holster fits perfectly to secure the firearms the most.
  • These straps aren’t long enough for every user, so often says this is for short people.

5. Montana West Genuine Leather Handcrafted Crossbody Handbag Purse

This can be a perfect small crossbody concealed carry purse for anyone who is in search. Also, the decorations of it are catchy.

This bag is small but absolutely well-organized with multiple card sloths along with a key ring inside of the large compartment. So, there is no chance of losing your keys inside. Also secures to have your important stuff anytime.

One fact I need to mention about this crossbody purse is, it is made by hand from 100 genuine cowhide. The decoration of this purse is amazing, tooling, studs, whipstitching, printing, and overall it looks so fancy that one may think this is just a regular purse with kiddish joy doodled.

The manufacturer has offered a 90-days replacement end repair guarantee for this awesome cute concealed crossbody purse. Even if it looks pretty small but it holds a lot.

  • This crossbody purse comes with a Silver five-key chain purse light.
  • Because of the handcrafted finishing, each bag is different from another.
  • With a 90-days manufacturing guarantee, users can buy this purse undoubtedly.
  • The stitching of its straps is of poor quality, also it may wear off after some usage.

6. Valkri Juno Concealed Carry Crossbody Gun Purse

Our next product is Valkri Juno concealed carry crossbody purse. It has some amazing bullet points to mention and our experts have proposed this as an excellent product.

This crossbody purse has armor-plated or reinforced shoulder straps that help to prevent breakage. So, in the question of durability, this purse can carry anything from years to years. The stitching quality of this purse makes it completely slit-resistant also.

The overall dimension (12″ L x 5.5″ W x 9″ H) if this purse is larger than those of others, so user can effortlessly carry necessary stuff including short trip stuff in this purse.

Inside the slip compartment for guns, there are padded layers on both sides.  The padded pistol compartment ensures complete isolation and concealment that helps in minimizing the tampering from both sides of the concealed purse.

  • The available Velcro holster is completely adjustable and adheres to the gun compartment interior.
  • The theft-resistant straps are super-efficient both for domestic and international missions.
  • The purse has a locked gun compartment, meaning the firearms are 100% secured while not in use.
  • The zipper on the inside is poorly constructed and can be broken after using few times.

7. Roma Leathers Leather Locking Concealment Purse

Roma leathers are one of the most renowned concealed carry purse brands. With simplicity, the manufacturer offers mostly high quality unisex purses and they are pitch-perfect on their job.

The built-in material of this concealed carry purse is pure leather. The finest quality anyone would ask for this type of purse for carrying something super important. The Roma Leathers only offer you fine quality best rated gun purse available in the market.

It has imported Patented YKK zippers that ensure the highest durability. The most popular zippers of all time are YKK Zippers that provide quality. Often the zippers of the inner compartment are negotiated but no here!

It has 2 lockable concealed compartments on both sides for easy access, allowing the user to have quicker access and response in tight situations. It comes in 6 different colors but not so fancy in look.

  • The manufacturer has included a Velcro holster for the desired positioning.
  • The crossbody bag comes in 6 different colors.
  • It looks compact but can hold tons of products.
  • This unisex crossbody bag looks too simple that can be a matter of boredom for some users.

8. Roma Leathers Front Buckle Concealed Gun Handbag

Another product lined up from Roma leathers; as expected about its quality, let’s see the features and all of this concealed gun handbag.

The purse is sturdily constructed with the highest quality vegan leather. Thus, the crossbody purse is quite popular despite its bulky design. The presence of vegan leather provides a premium feel to the user. The upper surface feels like butter and smooth.

The inner compartment is actually huge with multiple zippered areas to separate items. Also, on the front side, the front flap obtains a sturdy snap. Besides, there are multiple card slots to carry important stuff.

The concealed gun area has a firm holster that is fully secured with Velcro which helps in adjusting the angle of securing in the holster. The slip compartment can be locked and has a hidden key hanging area. Don’t forget to test your gun with the holster.

  • The zippers are nicely made, work smoothly, and offer the highest durability.
  • The hidden key feature helps a lot in tough situations, allows not to steal anything.
  • The available slash pockets are best to keep your phone in right place.
  • Many find this bag bulky and heavy enough for a concealed carry gun purse.

Guide to Buy the Best Concealed Carry Crossbody Purse

Apart from features, some necessary facts should not be negotiated while buying best rated concealed carry purses.

Built-in Material:

Before buying a concealed carry crossbody purse, a buyer needs to check out its built-in material. Our listed products are mostly made of leather, which provides the highest durability. There are many replicas in the market but be sure with checking the info. Nylon concealed purses are on demand as well, but they are not thick enough. So, this is up to the buyer which one he or she prefers.

Style match:

After years and years of experiment, the experts say that for a concealed carry purse, it is most important to match it with their style. So, the users may have frequent mission, matching with outfit every day seem tough but if they tend to buy neutral colors that may help them a lot.

Our listed products are selected based on every singular detail so that users don’t have to sacrifice style for CCW application anymore, especially women!


Most of the time, they are expensive, so have to check on the minimum fine budget. If you want to buy something real product, then check the material and other features like zippers, slip pockets, compartments, etc. The replicas out there offer lower prices but they will not last long. Besides, nylon products often require lower prices. So, check trice before buying one that will secure your firearm in a mission the most.

What’s Your Choice?

After all the primary reviewing and analyzing facts or criteria, it is up to you to pick one according to your demand. Either you can pick one from our list to save some time, or you can go with the guide and research the market to know what should be bought.

If you ask us, we would recommend the SAK option reviewed at the top for overall performance. It can work both as a fine gun carry and crossbody paper carrier. But the best option is Roma Leathers when an individual seeks strong gun-oriented features.

In fine, we want you to think and go through every point to get something that truly works according to the demand. So, best of luck in your purchase of a crossbody concealed purse.


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