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5Best Convertible Backpacks Purse for Travel

5 Best Convertible Backpacks Purse for Travel in 2021

Nowadays convertible backpack purses are super trendy because of the busy time schedule none have that time to prepare themselves differently for each event, travel or trip. Let us go straight about it, and why it is so important?

With a convertible backpack, anyone can switch his business trip to a casual gathering with all necessities. A backpack that holds laptops, important cards, and foods that is quite a whole package for any type of trip.

In this article, you will be known to 5 best convertible backpack purse for travel with bullet points of what they offer so that you understand and learn what type of convertible backpack suits you.

What is “Best convertible backpack purse for travel” means:

A convertible backpack means a backpack that can be converted to any other form as per users’ choice. There are various different ways to convert a backpack purse to duffle bag, cross-body bag, messenger bag, tote bag, etc. Besides, there are hard case bags and soft case bags. Hard case bags look posh and usually seek. But softshell bags are more comfortable. Hence, we have shown 2 softshell bags and 3 hard case bags in mind of keeping each buyer’s choice.

Below is the list of our top 5 times that will attract buyers for vital purposes. Let’s check them out.

1. Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Chelsea Backpack

If you are looking for a convertible backpack for professional use or even for luxury use, then anyone may choose Kenneth Cole Reaction’s recent addition. As it is designed with a sleek and sophisticated texture, this can be mentioned as a heavy duty backpack.


With the 2.15 lbs of backpack weight, it carries laptops with up to 15-inch screen length, so this is suitable for any type of laptop for professional usage. Also, this is so light weight when the users carry them, any user can use it very comfortably. The padded laptop holder section keeps the laptops safe from any type of exterior percussion.

Color Assortment:

This fashionable convertible backpack 4 classy color choice. They are sleek black, burgundy, olive, and navy. So, you have the choice to choose your type color in this bag, as color matters a lot in anything.


The backpack comes with a whole-in size of 16.0″ H x 11.0″ L x 7.5″, meaning it is enough roomy for travel purposes. The dual side beverage holster pockets of this backpack ensure the arrangement of users’ stuff perfectly. Multiple zippered accessory pockets ensure the perfect placement of small stuff.

Available Trolley Straps:

The backpack provides the users instant carry-in trolley straps that make certain to fit over every luggage vertical handles available in the market. Users have hands free carrying facility with the feature while traveling.

What we like:

  • The manufacturer has created it with a convenient design.
  • The water resistance feature is exact for gloomy weather and heavy-duty travel.
  • The backpack fits perfectly under an airplane seat while going on a business trip.
  • The gold-plated zippers ensure a long lasting service to the punter.

What we don’t like:

  • The trolley straps can be broken after 1 year; there is no guarantee of this.

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2. Travelon Classic Small Convertible Backpack:

Travelon Classic Collection provides the user such a usable bag within a low budget that anyone will be interested in buying it.

Anti-theft security feature:

The Travelon manufacturer has offered the users 5-point security from most common pedestrian theft cases. So, breath easily where you go with your backpack with the highest safety point. The available features get users known to Lock-down straps that prevent grab-n-go thieves from rob, hidden locking compartments, slash resistant straps, RFID blocking pockets. So, any user definitely will fancy this backpack.

Premium Design:

This backpack is created with stylish lines along with clear forms therefore every bag looks upright with what anyone having it. The classy color has been warily chosen by the designers to go with every type of wardrobes collections.


The item is designed to carry everything at ease, as the item’s weight is only 1 Lb. So, there is almost no extra weight the user has to carry. The backpack is finely crafted with a fine tablet sleeve, RFID blocking zipper pocket, expandable side water pockets with mesh interior.

What we like:

  • The premium RFID blocking blocks the radio frequency in cards and passports.
  • The lockdown hardware design locks the bag wherever the user sitting down.
  • The smooth gild allows the backpack to convert into a crossbody bag.
  • The tethered key clip with LED light in the front allows users a tension free journey.

What we don’t like:

  • Some operators have complained that the straps are too small.
  • Lug-Monorail Convertible RFID Cross Body Bag
  • The Monorail bags are another name of diversity. The users who are looking for something can be used in various ways, then this one is the perfect.

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3. Lug-Monorail Convertible RFID Cross Body Bag

The Monorail bags are another name of diversity. The users who are looking for something can be used in various ways, then this one is perfect.

3 in 1 feature:

The best part of this bag is its super flexible facility, where the user can use in 3 different ways: as cross-body bag, as backpack, as shoulder bag. For heavy-duty usage anywhere any time, these bags are out-and-out.

Convenient Interior:

The interior design of this backpack is brilliantly designed thru hidden zip pockets. The big mouth zipper lock system of this bag allows the users to carry more stuffs in a small storage. Besides, there are multiple zipped pockets along with key holders. The zippered side pockets keep foods and drinks safe and sound for travel purposes.

Color Assortment:

The bags come with 6 different classy colors, purposing to match with users’ wardrobe collection. Besides their eye catchy colors make anyone fall in love with the bags instantly like ‘love at first sight.

What we like:

  • The 2 lock zipper pockets allow the users to have the necessary stuff right in front of their hands.
  • The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protected compartment provides a safe journey.
  • Enjoyers can convert the shoulder bag to cross body bag just within a minute.
  • Its crinkle nylon fabric offers durability for up to several years.

What we don’t like:

  • Some operators may not adore the hooks on the straps.

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4. Baggallini-Anti-Theft-Vacation-Backpack

If anyone is searching for a cute and small convertible backpack, then this one might be a wise choice. Let’s see what our experts have suggested the key points.

Built-in Material:

The whole bag including the straps is made with excellent quality 100% nylon. This export quality bag ensures to last long with manufacturers guarantee. Besides the matte black, charcoal, pacific colors can catch buyers’ eye even if they are crossing the store.

Water Resistance Facility:

It assesses with 10″ width, 3.5″ in-depth interior slash resistant panels, meaning this bag allows to have all-day long trips without any hassle. Its water resistance facility makes sure to have trouble free trip in dull and rainy weather.

Double Cable Strap Facility:

Its cut resistance feature with cable strap allows the users to have a backpack that can rest on the neck with ultimate comfort, keeping users’ hands free every time. Hence, its ergonomic design features something more what regular bags don’t have. That’s why buyer needs to spend a little more penny than those of others.

What we like:

  • Its 1.06 lbs weight allows the buyers to have a lightweight journey.
  • The water resistance feature of this backpack provides tension free journey every time.
  • The RFID protected pockets deliver safe guard for your personal documents.
  • No wonder about 100% nylon created backpack offers durability

What we don’t like:

  • The inside pockets zipper quality is not top graded, may break after several use.


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5. Sherpani Soleil Anti-Theft Convertible Backpack

All of us are familiar with Sherpani Soleil and about their bags. So, we have enlisted one of their products that is very good in choice.


Talking about its weight capacity, this backpack can carry up to 16 Lbs with just 1.83 lbs itself. So, carrying it around for travel purposes, business trips, busy schedule work is not a problem at all for users. This bag can carry 13” screened laptop at very ease.

Chair lock feature:

This backpack comes tote bag come cross body bag has an excellent feature of chair locking. If the user has been waiting in a public place, still he can just sit around peacefully knowing none can able to steal his backpack, full of important things.


Anyone can buy this bag for its ultimate versatility. From school work to professional work, its heavy duty nylon furnished built-in material ensures longevity years after years. Here, a user mostly can use it in 5 different ways: backpack, shoulder bag, messenger bag, cross body bag, and tote bag. Also, user is getting super fast access because of its organized compartments.

What we like:

  • The bottle compartments are on each side of this bag, ensuring the quick access to drinks.
  • The keyholder hooks always help to keep necessary things super organized.
  • The available chair loop lock feature helps to have a stress free day.
  • Its exterior zipper lock tunnel prevents opening the zip from the opposite side.

What we don’t like:

  • The inside space is quite narrow that some users have complained about this bag.

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Final Sum up:

As we have shown you our top 5 best convertible backpack purses for travel, we are sure you will choose one if you really are interested in buying one. The points are all crystal clear of what you are buying. All of these products are ease at use, versatile, and offer you the best service in need.  All you have to do is, set your budget; look up at them; and grab.

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