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Best Designer Purses for Moms with Toddlers

10 Best Designer Purses for Moms with Toddlers in 2021 (Review)

Moms with toddlers! Are you ready to ditch that old diaper bag for something new? Something that will look stylish and also give you the full accessibility, mobility also utilizes all of its space? Well, look no further. Here we will give you an honest guide about what to look for and what things to look out for while shopping for your desired bag.

We have selected 10 designer purses that are the best for moms with toddlers. When deciding which bags we should select for you, we set some criteria that helped us decide which designer bags are best for moms with toddlers. These criteria are- size, affordability, visual appeal, pockets, weight, and trendiness.

When we looked for a bag that is fit for moms with toddlers, we were focused on the bag’s space, functionality, beauty, and style. We only selected the bags that cover all these bases and go an extra step.

Best Designer Purses for Moms with Toddlers: Quick Answer




Kate Spade New York

Fossil Women's Maya

Coach Christie Carryall

Hailey Crossbody 

Michael Kors Jet Set 

Kenneth Cole Reaction Downtown Darling 

Kemy's Canvas Travel 

Vera Bradley Performance Twill

JJ Cole Caprice Black & White Stripes

 SoHo Grand Central

1. Kate Spade New York Lise Mulberry

The first bag we have selected is Kate Spade New York Mulberry Street Lise satchel, handbag, shoulder bag. This classic bag with an enormous amount of space and many colors to choose from. It is built to last and can be used for many years without stressing over buying a new one.

This bag oozes premium. It both looks and feels stylish The bag has pebbled leather and the logo is foil embossed. The combination of pebbled leather and logo gives it a rich look. It holds gold hardware. Front and rear slide pockets with magnetic snap closures.  The rear slide pocket has one zip pocket; two-way spade jacquard lining. This feature gives you easy access to the contents of your bag. The side pockets are one of the best features of this bag. The design is so elegant you wouldn’t know this much is happening within the bag. 

This bag is easily carriable with both satchel and the handle. The handle is adjustable. You can decide whatever length is comfortable for you. And the strap too! It is long enough so that it can be used as a crossbody strap or just a usual shoulder strap and if you don’t like it you can remove it altogether and just use the handle for carrying. The bag only weighs about a pound. This allows you to carry more things for your toddler and yourself and not get bogged down by the weight. 

2. Fossil Women’s Maya Small Hobo Purse Handbag


This is the dream handbag of every mom with a toddler. This designer bag is the best when it comes to carrying large amounts at a time. It is very spacious and has a larger volume than most other handbags or purses. This is one of Fossil’s best seller handbags for all women. And it is even better for women who are with toddlers. And it comes in different colors too!

Fossil brought creativity and ingenuity to the design of its bags. It has brought new life to the fashion industry by making quality, fashionable accessories that are both fun and accessible for everyone. Maya is Fossil’s ultimate handbag. It is very versatile. Allowing you to use it as something more than a bag where you just carry things for your toddler. With its unique details and statement deep brass hardware, this can be the bag that will be your primary for years to come. 

This modest yet polished handbag will be the best pickup for your wardrobe. The bag has genuine glazed pebbled leather that gets better and better over the years. It is a zipper closure bag. On the outside, you will find one side zipper pocket where you may keep smaller things such as your cellphones and wallets. Inside the bag, you will find three zipper different sections. One zipper pocket along with two side pockets. This will allow you to keep all your items organized. You can keep the diapers of your toddler on one side and keep them separate from all your other necessary things.

From Ipads to mini laptops you can keep them in your bag without any worry. Its adjustable and detachable ”guitar-like” straps are excellent if you like to carry your bag crossbody. And if you like to use your hands, the handles are there too with adjustable heights. It is truly one of the best designer handbags for all the moms out there. 

3. Coach Christie Carryall in Crossgrain Leather


The next bag we chose for you is Coach Christie Carryall in Crossgrain Leather. It is one of Coach’s signature designer bags. This bag is crafted in cross-grain finished leather and finished with light golden tone polished hardware. It looks absolutely beautiful in every color it is available. The bag is available in three different sizes. If you’re looking for a small handbag to carry you may choose the mini and small sizes. But we think the standard size is the best purse for moms with toddlers. 

All the Christie bags offer two lined outer zippered pockets, with a center open top compartment with center magnetic closure. The magnetic closure feels really great. The zippers are easy to use. The interior is fully lined with two slip pockets. It really helps you keep things organized the way you want. You can either use the dual leather, O ring adjustable handles. Or if you feel like carrying it on your shoulder or crossbody, it also comes with an adjustable strap. The Coach care card is also included with the bag. If it comes with any manufacturing defects, the coach care card guarantees you a replacement bag. 

This is really one of the best mom bags in the market. It gives you style along with convenience. You can easily carry all the things you and your toddler may need for the day and you will look good while doing it. 

4. Hailey Crossbody by Lady Conceal


If you are only looking for crossbody or shoulder strap bags you’ll love what we have for you next. It is Lady Conceal’s Concealed Carry Purse – Hailey Crossbody. This bag is an absolute delight. It comes in three different colors and each one is better than the last. 

The material of the bag is what will attract you the most. Its soft, quality faux leather is a joy to both watch and feel. It is a really lightweight bag. Weighing just a pound while it is empty. You’ll love the contrasting trims and decorative cuts on the bag. It just works so well altogether. And this is only how the bag looks. You’ll be surprised to see how convenient and organized this bag really is.

The bag comes with three different interior compartments. In the front, there are 2 open slip pockets with zipper closure. In the center compartment, there are is a zippered pocket along with 2 open pockets and a leather key with magnetic closure. The back compartment comes with 1 zippered pocket with zipper closure. These three different compartments will allow you to keep all your things really really organized. You can keep diapers and bottles for your toddlers in one compartment and also have plenty of empty space left to keep all your other belongings. The adjustable leather strap can be adjusted to a number of different lengths. You can adjust it to whatever feels natural for you.

The locking concealed compartment is one of the best features of this bag. The concealed carry compartment is designed for right or left-handed use, zips open on 3 sides. It is secured with YKK locking zippers and includes 4 keys. And if you are looking for extra protection you can also carry up to a large frame handgun in a scratch-resistant nylon pocket. A universal holster is included which features Velcro on both sides for a secure fit in the concealment pocket. We feel this is one of the best designer bags for moms with toddlers. And We are sure that this bag will really satisfy you.

5.Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large Messenger Bag

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large Messenger Bag

Michael Kors’s Travel Messenger bag is one of the best designer bags for moms with toddlers. The bag is really stylish. With premium-quality gold hardware. With this bag, you can carry diapers and bottles for your little one and look glamorous while doing so. Different colors and silver hardware are also available too for your liking. 

The bag is made of PVC with the logo detailing on the front in gold hardware. The PVC material feels so good when you touch it. It really makes you feel like you’re holding something of top-tier quality. The bag is zipper closed with a back open pocket and an open compartment with 2 slip pockets. In the open compartment, you can keep all your things well organized, and in the 2 slipper pockets, you may keep your wallet and cellphones. The strap is of the perfect length. It is also adjustable very easily according to what you are comfortable with. 

The bag is very lightweight. You will barely feel any extra weight from the bag itself. The bag is very popular too as it ranks top 3 among all the messenger bags that are sold on Amazon. You will be one happy camper if you go with this bag. 

6. Kenneth Cole Reaction Downtown Darling – Trench Tote


This is one of the best bags for moms with toddlers. It truly gives you a bang for its bucks. It is one of the cheaper designer bags with almost the same functionalities for moms with toddlers. 

This is an imported, vinyl bag. The vibrant black color really gives the bag a glamourous look. Something you will love carrying while you are walking down the street. It is made from Saffiano textured PVC. It gives the bag a sleek, stylish, and eye-catching look. The interior is poly twill lined. It also features premium self-repairing coil zippers. This allows you to use the bag for a long time as a result. The metal feet at the bottom, protect your bag from wear and tear.

The bag is really spacious. The rear compartment has a padded tablet along with a padded laptop pocket which fits 13-inch MacBooks easily and holds up to 15-inch laptops easily. The front section also includes two padded compartments. You can keep soft and tech items in this bag without any concern. The manufacturer also provides a lifetime limited warranty on the handbag. 

The bag is really convenient and comfortable for you. The straps of the bag are adjustable to any length you may want. They are dual shoulder straps. By default, it is a 12-inch drop which is really comfortable for height. For extra security, the bag has a thin shielding fabric to help block Radio Waves From Being Transmitted From U.S. Passports And Certain Credit/Debit Cards. The bag is a true example of what a multifunctional object looks like. You can carry your own personal things as well as carry the necessary things of your toddler at once in one single bag. 


7. Kemy’s Canvas Travel Crossbody Bags


This bag is just as simple as it can get. It’s a canvas over the shoulder or crossbody satchel. It is extremely spacious. If you are looking for something casual slouchy and country style this is the best bag you can buy for yourself if you have a toddler. Even though it is called a women’s bag. It looks rather unisex. So on your day off the dad can go out with the toddler and use this bag to carry toys, diapers, bottles, and whatnot. It features a slouchy messenger bag look, with a long, crossbody strap. With this crossbody mom bag,  mom or dad will look exceptionally fashionable carrying this bag around. The bag features an adjustable genuine strap. There are no compartments but that means anything that you are looking for inside your bag is just one zipper away with easy access. There is one zipper pocket and one side pocket inside the bag. It may be the only downside to this great bag. But if you like to keep it casual and informal this is probably the best mom bag for you. 

8. Vera Bradley Women’s Signature Cotton Carson 

Vera Bradley Performance Twill Multi-Strap Shoulder Satchel Purse

The bag is crafted with Vera Bradley’s signature quilted cotton. Even though it is cotton, it is very lightweight but still provides excellent durability. And I can’t mention this enough, the embroidery is utterly fabulous! It is a crossbow bag with an adjustable strap length. This is not only one of the best purses for moms with babies and toddlers, It is also really useful for everyday use. Whether you are heading to work, on a weekend getaway, going to a party, or traveling, they are your perfect daily companion to wear over your shoulder or as a sling bag. This is an everyday bag where style and functionality are balanced just flawlessly.

The bag weighs under a pound. 0.95 pounds or 15.2 pounds to be exact. The interior features 2 slip pockets and a zip pocket. Allowing you to keep all your belongings orderly and organized. The straps are flexible enough so you can wear the bag crossbody or throw it on your shoulder. And if you want you can even wrap it around your body and always stay hands-free and put your mind on the adventure ahead. The bag has one exterior slip pocket and 2 slip pockets under the flap for quick access to your cellphones, wallets, keys, handkerchief, and other essentials.

This bag has it all. It is by far one of the best designer purses for moms with toddlers.

9. JJ Cole Caprice Black & White Stripes


This amazing JJ Cole Caprice bag has all the features of a diaper bag but it looks nowhere near like a one. This designer bag works both as a diaper bag and a designer handbag. It is a multifunctional bag that will sustain you for years to come. And if you are not particularly a fan of the zebra stripes there five different designs available for your choosing. 

The bag comes with 11 pockets. Yes, you heard it right. 11! Including insulated pockets for keeping bottles and sippy cups. The pockets are padded well enough to control the temperatures of the bottles inside. Both a short handle and a long strap are included with the bag. Allowing you to use the bag hands-free whenever you feel like it. The pockets are multifunctional as well. You can keep your wallet, cellphone, keys, and other essentials pretty easily. The most excellent feature which will appeal to all moms with toddlers is that this bag comes with a changing pad. You can change the toddler’s diaper pretty easily almost wherever you are with this. Overall this is one of the better bags when it comes to moms with toddlers. 

10. SoHo Grand Central Station Diaper Bag 

SoHo Grand Central

This is an actual diaper bag. But from the outside, it looks stylish enough to disguise itself as a designer handbag. It is my choice as one of the best handbags for moms with toddlers and babies. The bag is available in three enjoyable prints. 

The bag is made from multilayered fabrics that are waterproof and stain-resistant. You won’t need to worry too much if you ever spill something on the bag by mistake. If the bag ever gets hard stains don’t be afraid to wash it in the machine. The seams are so well reinforced that the bag will still look new after regular use. 

This 7 piece diaper set offers great functionality as well as offering the looks of a premium designer bag. The bag comes with (1) diaper bag, (2) personal purse w carrying strap, (3) changing pad, (4) accessories bag, (5) organizer bag w mesh top, (6) insulated bottle bag, (7) stroller straps. 

When using this bag it felt like it was designed by parents for parents. The large compartment fits all your necessities incredibly. The small pockets help you stay organized and keeps smaller things at hands reach and easier to find. Centrally attached stroller straps let the diaper bag hang straight down for easy access while attached to a stroller.

This incredible bag also comes with a 12-month warranty and satisfaction guarantee. If you ever face any issues with the quality of the bag you will receive a new one as compensation

What to Look For  

The most important thing when it comes to looking for a bag for moms with toddlers is space. But we don’t want to go too far and recommend a bag for you that is too big and is going to be a drag to carry. In all the bags that we have suggested, spacing sturdiness, attractiveness, and functionality have been given top priority. 

The best diaper bags won’t look like they actually are diaper bags. From the outside, they will look like very stylish fashionable handbags. But inside you will get the spacing, pockets, and functionalities of very useful diaper bags. At first glance, no one will ever guess that you are carrying a diaper bag. These bags also have more functionality than just a diaper bag. They can be exclusively used for your day-to-day use. These bags are very versatile.  Most of them can carry 13” laptops with great ease. Working moms can carry their laptops along with necessary things for their toddlers conveniently with these bags.


When choosing a bag, your comfort is the main thing you should focus on. The fabric, the straps, and the size all feature how comfortable you will be when using a bag. You should definitely keep comfort at the top of your criteria list. 


You should really consider the size of the bag you’re looking to buy really well. It is really disappointing when you buy a gorgeous bag but has to cramp all your necessary items in it due to lack of space. A good bag is spacious and has lots of room where you can organize your necessary items. 


The extra features on some bags really put them ahead of the rest of the competition. The best bags for moms with toddlers should have sufficient pockets. A padded laptop pocket would be really great for working moms also. Easy-to-use zippers are great for is a great feature that will improve your overall experience with your bag. 

Build Quality

If you are buying a bag it should be really durable. Wear and tear on your bag wouldn’t be a good sight for your eyes. And the fear of tearing your bag in public. Water-resistance is another thing you may look into. Warranty on your bag indicates that the manufacturer has faith in their own product too. A bag with a warranty gives you one less thing to worry about. 


The design of the bag is really important for some. You’ll feel more confident if you love the product you are carrying with you. But we would tell you to look more into the functionalities of the bag and then focus on the design and color. This won’t be too difficult as most bags these days offer multiple colors and designs.

Final Thoughts

Any of the bags we have recommended above could be perfect for you. But the little features may push you towards a particular product than other ones. Both premium and budget options are available for you to choose from. You can’t really go wrong with any bag you choose from here, all of these bags provide great functionality with amazing looks. 

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